YZ 125-450F (Carbureted)

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Take this seriously. Sealing your engine comes first. We designed this system to lock out dirt from your intake tract by identifying several issues with the OEM filter receiver. It's guaranteed to save you hundreds if not thousands in engine repairs.  

Motocross Action's Wrecking Crew gave this intake a 5 Star Review. Transworld Motocross a 10 out of 10.

Yamaha YZ 125-450 Intake (Carb).  (This kit does not apply to fuel injected YZ's)

Same kit and filter for both 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Applications

  • Performance is the real deal here. This kit doesn't look like much but it will make 1.5 horsepower on a YZ250F (Tested at YAMAHA/GYTR) and up to 5 horsepower in the mid-range on the carb 450. This is our flagship intake and it literally changed the direction of our company.
  • Intake installs in minutes if not seconds, replacing the OEM filter receiver. No modifications necessary. Jetting typically not required. We install at the races without having to make adjustments.