Rider Reviews

"Holy Shit dude! This thing is ridiculous in my bike!" 

Transworld Motocross Review: Rated 10. Misses: None!  "This is the Best thing you can do to your bike for under 200 bucks! It's worth its weight in gold!"


Motocross Action Wrecking Crew

"5 Stars! No Complaints! We'd run the Loud Mouth because it makes changing the filter easier. The improved power band is a bonus!"


Brendan Lutes Transworld Motocross 

"For the Money... The Loud Mouth is a great performance product! I can actually hear it sucking in air as I enter corners!"


Nick Wey 

"The Loud Mouth is Bad Ass!"


Steven Clarke aka "Scuba Steve" 

"Awesome!!! My bike runs so much better! It had a bog before but it's never run so crisp before!"


Joey Savatgy 

"It gave my 125 more bottom end and it runs better everywhere!"


Josh Woods

"The Loud Mouth helps everywhere across the RPM range! I'm going to tell people about it!"


Justin Starling

"The Loud Mouth is amazing. It made my beat up practice bike fast again."


Justin Sipes

"The Loud Mouth really makes a lot more power everywhere especially the mid-range!"


Matt Goerke

"My 250f hits like a 450 with the Loud Mouth! It's incredible!"


Kyle Goerke

"I've gotten almost every holeshot with the Loud Mouth!"


Jeremy Medaglia

"The Loud Mouth has worked great on all of my bikes over the years! Adds instant horsepower!"


Charles Ellis 

"I forgot it was on my bike when I got out on the Supercross track and it caught me by surprise how much faster my
bike was!"


Colleen Millsaps (MTF)

"You can actually see and hear the bikes running stronger! It's an incredible product!"


Larry Brooks L&M Racing

"At this level, a half a horsepower costs thousands of dollars in R&D... We have over 125 G's into our engine alone and the Loud Mouth just did everything we saw on your website! This is the hot ticket! This is why I never leave a stone unturned."





Derek Gibbons has had the SAME intake system on since 2008/09. He has had it on every single year bike since. That's almost 5 years of protection and performance on his KX450F's from his 1 and ONLY Loud Mouth Intake System. Can you name another product that will even last as long or provide the same superior performance and protection for 5+ years? 

Racer FeedBack-Moto
Derek Gibbons- "This is by far the best intake system on the planet. I hated air filter maintenance until I put one of these on my bike. I change my air filter every ride. THIS SYSTEM MADE MY LIFE SOOOOOO MUCH EASIER. THIS CHANGED MY LIFE, you may laugh but i'm not kidding. It has saved my motor and saved me so much time. I took my 09 kx 450 over 300 hours on stock valves and crank. Nothing but clean air."

Racer FeedBack-OFFROAD
Jeremy Randolph "The Loud Mouth Intake system for CRF450s is exactly what every racer needs! It straightend out the jetting issue I had, it gave my CRF more power on top and it made air filter changes a 30 second job!"

Racer FeedBack-MOTO
Broc Shury "Put a Loud mouth into my CRF450R. Increased throttle response was amazing. The next best thing was the easy to change the filter. No dirt in the airboot and I can do it in less than a minute."

Racer FeedBack-MOTO
Scott Byron "We switched to the Loud Mouth Air filter system after a friend recommended it. Changing filters has become much simpler now with the Loud Mouth system."

Racer FeedBack-MOTO
Preston Tyson "If you want to be a Holeshot King, I recommend the Loudmouth Intake system. Changing filters takes less than 20 seconds."

Preston Tyson
How often do you change your air filters? Answer: "I don't, I wait until I get home and let my wife do it."

Racer FeedBack-MOTO
Jared Shury "I started Using Loudmouth Intake and Air Filters.
After installing the Intake I noticed obvious power. The bike had more power on the Bottom end. The Filters are also awesome, very easy and quick to put on and take off. After using them there was never any dirt or sand in the airboot. Love their products!"
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Shaun Jablonski, New Hampshire
"The Loudmouth is by far the best thing I ever put on my bike. More of a power gain than the grand I spent on a full exhaust." 


(Customer Email)
"Installed the loudmouth system I purchased and am very happy with the result. The installation was simple and filter changes are now going to be a snap. I would say throttle response is better and starting is easier. I didn’t have to rejet... So thanks again guys, great product. I’m sending a picture showing that Im proudly displaying my Loudmouth Decals."Bill Bailey

"I love your products besides being super easy to change flilters the performance gain is amazing with quicker throttle response. I noticed such a difference with my 2009 kx 250f now 290 I tell everyone about them! Thanks!" 


John D
"It took me over a year to buy this product. It was on my wish list forever. I couldnt justify spending $190 on it and when I finally made the purchase I was wondering why I waited so long. The throttle response added to my 2006 YZ250 was very noticable. Makes the bike alot more fun to ride. I highly recomend this intake kit!" 


J Dom
"One of the best products ever made. I purchased this for my 07' CRF250 not only does the bike have better throttle response, but the changing of the filters is amazing. The wash-cap is also worth the money just slides on and you can power-wash the whole air-box. The filters are great as well, simple loosening of the bolt clamp and slides right off no dirt falls into the boot. And the best part is the filters are not bike specific. Easy install a 4 year old could do it. Worth every penny... 


rmz450rider, Ashland City, TN
"This is a very good product. It was easy to install, its not as easy as described, but it is easy. I could tell a difference in throttle response, and more power through out the powerband. It makes changing the air filter really easy compared to stock. I recommend this product to everyone." 

Jcap50, Waynesboro, VA
I put this on my 05 crf 250r.It was very easy to install took me less than 15 min. Changeing the filter is lighting fast now. I can also tell a difference in power and less bog. It did what it said it would do. Great product." 


"Best intake system money can buy" "Easy to install, can change filter very easy adds performance even on my 06 rm 250 It just make everything easier. Worth every penny"


Muezh, Woodhaven, MI
"This product is worth every penny. air filter changes are a breeze. The seal is awesome. Slides right on. No dirt falls into the boot. No screen to worry about. combine this with notoil and you'll never mess with a stock setup ever again. Get a wash cap too. my airbox is spotless. 



steveo2025, NJ
"I got this not for the performance like it said but for the ease of changing filters and it works pretty well and i did notice that my bog went away in my crf250 its a good product its also great that a few of my friends have these filters and we can use each others filters"