KXF 250/450 (Up to 2015 KXF 450 )

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* This kit does not apply to 2017 KXF 450.  

Take this seriously. Sealing your engine comes first. We designed this system to lock out dirt from your intake tract by identifying several issues with the OEM filter receiver. It's guaranteed to save you hundreds if not thousands in engine repairs.  

The perfected universal air filter setup eliminates the need for the OEM filter cage and/or backfire screen and creates a higher velocity, obstruction free airflow entering the intake tract.

Most motocross riders will find a power boost in the bottom end with extended top end rev performance. The Loud Mouth intake kit is also known to reduce low-end bog.

Maintenance time will be dramatically reduced with the simple installation of the air filter to Loud Mouth mounting bracket that provides a perfect seal to lock out dirt.

Kit includes: Loud Mouth intake, Racing air filter, hardware, front fender decals, air box decals, installation template, and detailed instructions.

4.75" diameter inlet significantly increases velocity of airflow entering engine. Improved airflow allows bike to start easier in fewer kicks.

Works with Mototassanari intake boot.