CRF 250/450 Carb

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Take this seriously. Sealing your engine comes first. We designed this system to lock out dirt from your intake tract by identifying several issues with the OEM filter receiver. It's guaranteed to save you hundreds if not thousands in engine repairs.  

The all NEW Billet Series Intake System for the Honda CRF 250/450R and X Carbureted models is CNC Machined from a solid block of 6061 Billet Aluminum to maximum tolerances making this the lightest bolt on performance part in the industry.

The Loud Mouth replaces the stock configuration in your airbox removing the thumb screw, filter cage, screen (if applicable) and filter receiver.

  • Revolutionary Cageless Filter Design is 100% Obstruction Free
  • Provides the best seal ever available for the modern motocross bike
  • Clean Air Box even in the most extreme conditions
  • Quick 30 Second Filter Changes
  • Cooler Intake Charge
  • Boosted Horsepower, Torque and Instant Throttle Response
  • Amazing High Performance Intakes Sound (Within legal dB Limits)
  • Easy Installation, No Jetting/Mapping Required

Kit includes Loud Mouth Intake, Neo-Seal Gasket, air filter, hardware and detailed instructions.