2016-19 KTM 125-450+

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With our KTM/Husqvarna Loud Mouth Intakes topping the list as some of our best selling applications, we are proud to say that sucking dirt is quickly becoming a thing of the past for the two brands. 

Kit comes with Intake, Gasket, Hardware & Twin Air Filter & OuterWears Filter Skin.

This Kit also works on 2015 Factory Edition

(SnowBike Application now Available as option on all Intakes)

Test Rider's Feedback:

You can tell right away that the Loud Mouth Intake flows air better. The bike is more responsive and pulls harder at all rpm's. Performance aside, the Loud Mouth intake seals the engine in ways that OEM cannot. It's significantly better than packing a grease seal with the stock setup.  

Installation: We kept it simple. Kit installs just like OEM but a whole lot tighter for a compression seal on gasket sealing surface. 5 minutes or less. Requires RTV (Black) silicone sealant to compliment PSA Gasket.